Increasing the returns on your investments appeals to every type of person who wants to improve their wealth. One of the techniques that work particularly well is to have your money split into two places at the same time.

It may seem counter-intuitive and outside of the usual “all in one pot” approach some have to investment finances. Yet, harnessing the power of an investment optimizer will get results faster than just having one spot for that money to grow.

Let’s look at some aspects of the Investment Optimizer strategy, and how it can increase your net worth.

A true investment opportunity

First, we understand that using a single account at a bank for investment or savings does over liquidity. It also provides no opportunities for growth, tax benefits or creditor protection. This is a huge reason why the investment optimizer is a great idea.

An additional opportunity fund beyond that initial investment allows that money to grow at a 5% net return and in a fund safe from market volatility and creditors. Not to mention, it’s an entirely tax-free source for investment.

We should continue by saying that this opportunity fund isn’t the underlying investment. It’s an enhancement of what you are already doing, which can lead to a greater reward over time.

A process that increases your wealth

It’s not a complicated methodology, either. It begins with this opportunity fund that includes money you’ve set aside for investment and current income from investments. The account grows based on guaranteed interest and dividends. Once there is enough cash for a smart investment opportunity, you put that into motion from this new account.

And, you put it into motion as a simple interest loan from the company’s general account. Why this approach? This is so the money in the base account stays where it is and experiences compound growth as the second investment produces cash flow which pays down the loan and its interest. The rest of that flow goes right back into the opportunity fund for more investments and the cycle can continue producing wealth for you.

We can guide your investment strategy 

At Money Insights, we can bring ideas such as these to the fore in wealth-building strategies and financial planning for physicians, dentists, accredited investors and others who want to use optimized and innovative techniques to increase wealth.

The journey we provide our clients is unique to their needs. Still, it can result in some of the same returns that others see, including maximizing tax-free income, optimizing leverage with no outside collateral and providing valuable liquidity for your estate.

We’d love to hear your story and how you could benefit from investment advice. Go to our website to contact us.

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