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It’s an everyday struggle among high-income earners to feel like their financial growth is capped by traditional investment strategies. That working and investing is just what needs to be done.

We understand the pressure of financial burnout and feel your growth is capped. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help high-income earners generate income streams that grow alongside their traditional strategies, providing the financial security they crave without the stress of doing it all.

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The Invest With Benefits Virtual Summit will bring together the top voices in finance who are at the forefront of developing new and innovative approaches to wealth management and growth.

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June 13, 2024 | 11am - 6pm EST

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Meet your team at Money Insights

Christian Allen is the founder and CEO of Money Insights. He launched Money Insights in 2014 after working in the financial services industry for over a decade. Christian’s mission is to help high income earners accelerate their wealth building, optimize their investing and find new and innovative ways to go from high income to high net worth! He is passionate about entrepreneurship and helping others. He enjoys playing pickleball, watching sports, and spending time with his wife and children.

Rod Zabriskie is the President of Money Insights working directly with clients and the team to create an enjoyable environment for all. He has worked in financial services since 2009, after a decade of working in small businesses for others. He holds an MBA, with an emphasis in entrepreneurship, as well as an undergraduate degree in Marketing Communications. Rod is married to Jodi, and they have 7 amazing children.

Together, Christian and Rod host a weekly podcast called the Money Insights Podcast. Every week, they gather to explore the captivating realm of money and business. From topics on generational wealth, insights into investing strategies, current money news headlines, and much, much more – every episode is thoughtfully designed to be packed full of valuable takeaways!